Giving the High School Color


Students see these walls daily at the high school and feel a bland, colorless environment (photo by S. Hatcher).

Shelby Hatcher, Staff Writer

Students are walking into the high school, noticing too much open space in the school walls, and instantly feeling unwelcome. As years have gone on, students might have noticed how dull and colorless the schools have become. The high school has a few pieces around the school like painting memorials, posters for clubs, and some pieces about the school; however, these pieces are minimal. According to Grant Larson Productions, it is proven that if there is more color and attraction to a school, learning becomes easier for students to comprehend.

Tracy Cochran, librarian aid, was happy to speak out about the empty school walls. Cochran talked about her ideas of being able to add more to the school and would like to make it feel more warm and welcoming.  

“I try to make the library a more inviting place, or somewhere that is a more calming workspace,” Cochran said.

She believes that making the school more colorful and well-decorated would have an impact on the students. If the school had a more inviting environment, Cochran believes that it would have more of a positive impact on students’ minds and would make them feel more excited to go to school. 

“I like posters and other things like that, but there is still not enough,” Cochran said. 

Cochran brought up many new and exciting ideas to decorate the school and to make it feel more home-like and welcoming. These ideas included bigger posters, a new club for creative ideas, and to add more color.

Erika Lundstrom, FACS teacher, thought of new bright ideas to make the school a more welcoming environment for students. Lundstrom brought up the idea of the art classes and the design classes working together to create displays. 

“When students are part of the process, they would take more pride in keeping it nice,” Lundstrom said.

Mackenzie Ingle, 10, spoke about how school feels like a prison. The colors of the school are very “basic and bland” as Ingle stated. 

Ingle added, “I definitely think that having more decorations would make students feel more awake at school and have a better attitude towards going to school everyday.