Not as Easy as it Looks

Despite what many people believe, senior year is not a cakewalk. I am sure it may be for those that opt to take easier classes and are largely uninvolved, but senior year brings different kinds of challenges outside of the classroom. 

While I am still taking fairly challenging classes—comp and AP calculus—I would agree that, speaking merely academically, my classes are easier than they were last year. However, I am in charge of more now than ever before.. I am the editor in chief of the yearbook, student body president, and section leader of the drumline. I may be in charge of more than most, but many people in my class hold some leadership in at least one organization or extracurricular. This, of course, means more work. 

On top of holding leadership positions, many seniors have jobs in order to pay for college or in preparation for their lives after high school, myself included. Because of school and extracurriculars, I only work on the weekends, but this is still roughly 10 hours of time away from my other duties. 

If all of this wasn’t enough, high school seniors are treated with the stressful and time consuming task that is applying to college. I personally have spent four to six hours working on my applications, and I haven’t even finished my profile on the Common App. 

So yes, my classes this year are easier than my AP and college level-filled schedule was last year, but no, senior year is not easy. I am the most stressed I’ve ever been in school, my grades are worse than they were last year; no, senioritis is not to blame. 

The highlight of senior year, however, is the understanding and trust that comes from teachers because of these struggles. For perhaps the first time in my life, I feel that most of the teachers and adults in my life truly view me as a young adult. Because of the new problems I’m facing as a senior—like tuition prices and my future—I have more adult conversations with them, and I now feel more connected with them. I know that they have been where I am now. They see me and understand what I’m going through, and they push me to be better. In this hectic transition year between high school and whatever life holds for me after, I could not ask for anything better.