Endurance and Efficiency


Caden Bartek, 11, wrestled this year in a tournament at the high school (photo provided by C. Bartek).

For many, wrestling is a challenging sport to pursue. Wrestler Caden Bartek, 11, in particular has his own passions in the sport. Since 7th grade, Bartek has been widely involved in wrestling.

“The sport can be [tough], the mental capacity and mental toughness [required] is astounding compared to any other sport. It is the fact that you have to keep pushing yourself, there is never going to be a point where you are fully ready,” Bartek said.

According to Bartek, wrestlers are given no excuses to “run out of gas”. Many wrestlers enter the sport having no idea of its extent of challenges.

“Wrestling is definitely one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports out there. Having to constantly be up and moving during practice really helps with your endurance and your stamina,” Cali Claar, wrestler, 9, said.

Some aspects of wrestling can take part in a wrestler’s personal life. Specifically, their eating habits.

“Many wrestlers stop eating as much when they’re trying to [meet] a difficult weight [requirement]. Every wrestler, even if they’re under-weight, most likely won’t eat or drink anything within the 12 hours before weigh-ins,” Claar said.

To meet these weight requirements to participate, it is crucial for a wrestler to keep healthy habits.

“There’s some dieting, but it’s really about eating healthy. If you eat healthy, you’ll lose it at practice,” Bartek said.

While the amount of weight that wrestlers lose isn’t intended for an unhealthy amount, it is something that could benefit healthier eating habits. Bartek says that weigh-ins aren’t very challenging for him, being something he has done for a long time. That being the case, wrestling can be the most challenging for those who are first entering the sport. 

“For newcomers, the mental aspect of it is they probably don’t want to push themselves hard enough. But you learn in time,” Bartek said.

Along with its challenges, wrestling is said to be one of the most encouraging sports out there.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize how much of a team sport it is. A room full of wrestlers will be one of the most encouraging rooms you [will] ever be in. People also don’t see all of the extra work you put in outside of practice like going on runs [and] going to open rooms,” Claar said.

Being such an empowering sport, many wrestlers also pursue this sport for the fun aspects of it.

“I have practice and that’s fun, I hang out with my team and that is fun, doing work is fun, doing the drilling and conditioning [as well and] all of that is so much fun…Especially with our whole new motto this year ‘BYA’ or ‘bring your attitude’, it just shows how much better that we become as an entire team and it shows [that] Spring Hill [is] doing really good in wrestling,” Bartek said.

Many wrestlers love to pursue these activities and are welcomed as a family.

“Wrestling is truly the best sport I have ever done because of how welcoming the sport is. Yes, the sport is very hard, but if you have what it takes, you’ll likely end up loving it!” Claar said.