Support from the Sidelines


Weber prepares to start a drill with her team at practice (photo by T. Elliott).

Being a high school athlete is a hard job. Finding a balance between school, sports, and your outside life can be very difficult for some. Through it all, these student athletes have the support of their families and friends behind them while they shoot to meet their goals. One of these athletes is senior Jenna Weber.

At basketball games, Weber will almost always have a family member in attendance. It means a lot to her to have a supportive source, whether they be watching at home or on the sidelines.

“It means a lot to know that I have someone that has my back and is very supportive of me,” Weber said.

Parents are proud to show up for their kids. It brings joy getting to watch them play.

“I love watching Jenna play,” Christie Weber, guardian, said. “It’s hard when I can’t be there for a game but she understands and I still send my supportive vibes her way.  Spring Hill Sports Live has been a wonderful addition as we have a way to still watch even if we can’t be there.”

The support for Jenna traces back to her childhood when she would practice with her brothers. Now, it’s gone full circle to make her the player she is today.

“When I was younger, my brothers would bully me, but I kept pushing. Now, they give me pointers after every game of what I did good and what I did bad. That’s what brothers are for,” Weber said.

Basketball brought a sense of bonding into their family.

“I think she grew to love basketball because her brothers loved it.  It was a way for her to bond with them and for all of them to be competitive with each other,” Christie said.

As Weber plans to continue her basketball career at a college level, her family still plans to be of her full support.

“If she continues to pursue basketball in college, I will continue to support her anyway I can,” Christie said. “I love watching her do anything she puts her mind to. I am her biggest fan and I have a signed basketball to prove it.”