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Homecoming Hubbub

Before the homecoming game Alex Winkler, teacher and coach, got his team ready. They warmed up and looked over plays before starting (Photo by C.Bartek).

Homecoming week is a week in the school year where everyone comes together. Where students get to dress up and play fun games while cheering for the team as a school. For some it can be filled with after school activities, work, and everyday life. Others it is just a normal week. Teachers on the other hand experience it differently.

“For me nothing is really different. I feel like the classes and the students are a little more laid back than usual,” Aubrey Corn, culinary teacher, said.

Teachers and students can get pretty stressed out during the school year. The workload can be a lot for some. Homecoming week is a week where stress can

During the homecoming pep rally Marc Williams, Principal, handed off the spirit stick. The students cheer competitively for the spirit stick (Photo by C. Bartek).

get to be a lot or none at all. 

“Nothing really changes for me, other than the students being all dressed up. Some students can look really drained by the end of the week, especially the athletes. I think typically the students looked more hyped up though,” Corn said.

The teachers tend to like homecoming week a lot. Students are more happy and ready to do work. They also get to dress up with the students and have some fun on fridays. 

“One thing I like about homecoming is that I get to dress up with the kids and not dress professionally everyday. I enjoy being able to participate in that with my students,” Kelsea Stueve, Spanish teacher, said.

For coaches and athletes the week can be filled with early mornings and late afternoons. With the pep rally and games that come with homecoming week schedules can become full.

“It kind of just made the whole week a little bit more busy and stressful in addition to all of the other work stuff that we are doing,” Stueve said.

Some teachers try to make Homecoming Friday a little exciting for the students. Some just watch a movie, others play games.. With pep rallies being at the end of the day it makes classes shorter. 

“I try to finish the week off with a chill, laid back day because all the kids can be very hyper on friday. With the pep rally, game, and Homecoming the kids can get excited,” Corn said. 

With all of this, teachers try to have fun throughout homecoming week just like the students. Dressing up and watching their students have fun throughout the week can be enjoyable for them as well.

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Maura Fuqua, Staff Writer
Hi! I’m Maura Fuqua and this is my first year in SPUB. I took Journalism last year, and I’m excited to write some more. I have moved around a lot so I have never gotten a chance to stay and help in the yearbook/SPUB. I’m so excited to write and take photos. I have always loved to write and I can go on forever. If you want a photo I probably have it. I am also a dancer on the Dance Team, andI have been dancing for 12 years now. Journalism matters to me because it brings attention to things you might not know. If we didn’t have journalism a lot would go unnoticed. Anyways I’m so excited to be apart of SPUB family and look forward to this year.

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