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Set Up to Second Semester

Kenadee Staab, 11, focuses on creating a clay bowl in Ms. Goldman’s ceramics class. Second semester can come with switches in electives. (Photo by H. Evans)

The countdown to winter break has begun, which means the end of first semester is right around the corner. Not everyone has the same experience, but the second semester can involve getting new classes. There can be different opinions and feelings about switching from original classes.  

“I like our classes getting changed, but at the same time I don’t because my classes right now are good. I prefer to stay in the same classes. I already have all my friends in there and some of my teachers are getting switched and I want the same teacher so I understand [things]. I am more comfortable with the same people,” Madison Morris, 9, said. 

At first glance, changing classes can be uncomfortable, but it gives students a chance to surround themselves with different people. New classes equate to new people, or maybe even some familiar faces. 

“I would rather change classes. I’m happy about changing classes because maybe I’ll have friends in my classes. Right now I don’t have friends in my classes,” Madeline Weaver, 9, said.

With the first half of the year being completed, it’s time for a refresh. Some students use this time as a checkpoint to sort out areas of chaos.  

“I’m going to clean out my backpack and get everything reorganized,” Weaver said. 

The start of second semester can also be used as a second chance. This is the time where grades reset and good study habits can kick in. 

“I think it’s a fresh start academic-wise. I struggled in that class, [next semester] is going to be different,” Keilah Rivers, 12, said. 

As first semester ends, successful routines can be implemented. Trial and error with ways of doing things is often an experiment in the beginning of the year, but with the new semester starting, students’ tendencies and practices can be refined.

Students read a short story in a Composition I class. Second semester can be used as a chance to change study habits and use what you learned from the first semester to be more successful. (Photo by G. Harrison)

“Getting my work done at school is something I learned because I know that if I put it off, at home I’m probably not going to do it. Just making sure I don’t procrastinate too much because senioritis is hitting,” Rivers said.

Dec. 19 is the final day of first semester and Jan. 4 is when the second semester officially starts. With that the first half of the school year is coming to an end and a new half is coming.

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