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A Change to Thanksgiving Break

Caption: All the students are on break for thanksgiving which leaves the classroom empty. Students are enjoying their break from school. (Photo by Ella Crabtree)

This school year has had some changes, one being a longer Thanksgiving break. The student and staff got one week off school instead of just a couple days. Throughout this week, different people did different activities. Although it was noticed that most students would rather go on vacation, they ended up staying home for thanksgiving. 

“I prefer to go on vacation so I can get away. It’s also fun to be with my family,” Addison Clooney, 10, said. 

Clooney mentioned that over the break, they spent the majority of their time with their friends and family. After coming back to school, it made Clooney realize how much they liked the break. 

“I liked the long break because I don’t have to be at school, it’s nice to have a break from everything,” Clooney said. 

While being on break was loved by many, some students still had commitments. Emily Harmon, 12, who works at BB’s Bar and Grill, had to work over break.

Caylee callen, 10, and Chloe Young, 10, hanging out over thanksgiving break. The two had an early Christmas celebration with other friends. (Photo by Caylee Callen)

“I worked three days over break; I prefer to work so I can earn money,” Harmon said. 

Harmon took time over break to work, and they mentioned that working over break did not interfere with her Thanksgiving.

“Work didn’t affect my Thanksgiving, so we just had a lot of family time. I liked the long break over Thanksgiving because it gave me more family time,” Harmon said.

Caylee Callen, 10, also spent some time working this Thanksgiving break. Callen stated they work three days a week at Dunkin Donuts.. Callen spent time with family and friends this break as well.

Gianna Cowsert, 11, and her mother, Cara Cowsert, on vacation this Thanksgiving break. Cowsert was enjoying her time away from school and Kansas with her family. (Photo by Gianna Cowsert)

“I enjoyed the long break because I got to relax and not have to worry about homework,” Callen said. 

During the long break, some students are lucky enough to travel. Gianna Cowsert, 11, went on vacation to all the Hawaiian Islands over break. 

“This thanksgiving was really different because on actual thanksgiving we went to a luau instead of a traditional thanksgiving day, dinner and all that,” Cowsert said. 

This long break from school was much enjoyed. Students got to hangout with family and friends, travel and catch a break from all the school work. Students spend a ton of time not only at school but working on school at home as well. To change from a couple days off of school to a whole week made an impact. The students felt more relaxed and like they could enjoy their break with no rush. 

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