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Balancing Buzz with Health

A student is in their English class. They have the brand ICE energy drink on their desk from the school cafeteria (Photo by A. Lightcap).

If an individual were to observe high school students at Spring Hill in a school setting, they would notice many students holding energy drinks. Not only do students get their energy from outside places like the gas station or a grocery store, but Spring Hill also provides them for students to buy, they contain a lesser caffeine intake than mainstream energy drinks. The most popular energy drinks among the students are Monster, Red Bull, Celsius, and Ghost. 

Caffeine is a drug that makes energy drinks addictive, especially among teenagers. It can increase anxiety, decrease sleep quality, and exacerbate heart

Ashlyn Watson, 12, is drinking the brand Red Bull. Many of their peers drink energy drinks at school (Photo by C. Brewer).


However, with the trendiness and new flavors, many continue to drink energy drinks. A popular go-to among the students at Spring Hill are flavors from the brand Ghost that include popular candies such as Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. 


When asked why they drink energy drinks, even with the side effects, Lenore Pinkerton, 9, said. 

“I really only drink Monster, I like the fruity flavors, because I like flavorful things. The side effects are kind of already there, with being in school. I am kind of already sleep deprived, anxious without the energy drinks. However, that extra boost in the morning does help.” 

With new brands trying to take the throne of teens’ early morning drinking habits, Macie Marlow, 9, touched on their favorite. 

“My favorite is Mango Loco from Monster. It tastes a lot like mangos and tastes really good. I drink energy drinks because they have good flavors, and I

Max Pacheco, 12, is editing their comp 1 paper. The brand Monster is seen on his desk (Photo by D. Phan).

don’t really think about the negative effects.”

Tiktok is said to be the blame for the increase in energy drink consumption as the app is a way for brands to engage and promote their brands. In 2021, the brand Celcius, became very popular among teenagers because of the brand’s influence on Tiktok.

As more and more energy drink brands rise, it is important to remember that caffeine is addictive and can cause severe side effects.

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Ashlyn Watson, Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Ashlyn Watson and this is my first year in SPUB. Last year, I was a student reporter for the University of Michigan's gymnastics and basketball teams. Journalism matters to me because I love to share the voices of others through writing, photography and videography. I plan to major in Journalism and communications with a concentration in sports media next year at KU. When I am not at school, you can find me at KU recording various sports activities or filming short films with my friends. I am a huge Swiftie and I am excited to spend my senior year here at Spring hill!

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