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Thomas Sherron: Snow Day Prophet

Snow falls on a neighborhood in Spring Hill on a district mandated snow day. It snowed over five inches that day (Photo by A. Rushing).

In the weeks back from winter break, not a single one has gone by without a snow day. With these unexpected surprises, the student body has relied on one person to put some sense behind Kansas weather patterns. 

“[Thomas Sherron] has predicted every single [snow day] I swear. There was one day where he wasn’t 100% sure, but other than that he predicted every single one. He’s very intelligent and smart, and I trust that man with every snow decision ever made,” Hailey Evans, 12, said. 

Thomas Sherron, English teacher, has been knighted snow day forecaster for over a decade. 

“I couldn’t even tell you how long [students have thought I could predict snow days]. I’ve been here 22 years, it’s had to have been at least 15 years. I get texts from students I had two years ago asking me if we’re going to have a snow day. It’s so funny,” Sherron said. 

The few times that the predictions have been incorrect has not deterred the

Spring Hill students sled down large hills behind Lowe’s on a snow day. This snow day was predicted by Sherron (Photo by A. Rushing).

students from relying on Sherron for snow days. 

“A couple of times I’ve predicted it wrong on purpose, but I have been wrong, but I always make up some lie to reason why I’m wrong,” Sherron said. 

While students think Sherron can predict snow days due to some sort of magic, Sherron has a secret to the snow predictions. 

“The thing that is most amusing about this whole [snow day] situation is that people are now starting to think I actually know what I’m talking about. I don’t. I just have a pretty good sense on how I’m going to call things… It’s complete luck, I don’t have any method to my madness,” Sherron said.

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