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The Influence Put on Trends

Chloe Young, 10, with all her favorite trends. Young partakes in trends that interest her and make the most sense to her. (Photo by E. Crabtree)

The society we live in today is mainly influenced by trends. A majority of the trends have a good influence on students, but some can have negative effects. 

“I think they’re both beneficial and a waste because many trends are like micro trends so they come in and stay for a month or two. Everyone buys trendy items on Shein, Tik Tok shop or something and then they just get rid of them. They’re also good because a lot of them are very cute,” Ava Crabtree, 11, said.

A big trend for the past year has been the Stanley water bottles. There are various different kinds that students carry around. (Photo creds Ella Crabtree)

A lot of trends come from social media, other individuals, peers, and the society we live in.

“I think trends can be good but they also mess with our society. They make everyone try to be the same person when everyone needs to be their own unique self,” Chloe Young, 10, said.

Trends that go around are not only just for the looks but they also help individuals connect. 

”I think trends are good to have because it shows how we can all evolve and come together,” Spencer Boyd, 9, said. 

Through our student body not everyone joins in on the trends;  students have different opinions on trends. Even if they think it’s cute or in style doesn’t mean they will always join the trend.

One of the big trends going around is the accessory bows. Students will make their own bows, buy them online and get creative with them. (Photo by E. Crabtree)

“I’m very influenced by a lot of the trends, but also if there’s a trend that is very big and I don’t like it I’m not gonna join in because why would I spend my money on the trend if I don’t like it,” Crabtree said. 

“Some trends I join in on, some I don’t. It just depends if I like the trend personally,” Boyd said. 

Caiden Stewart, 12, also had an opinion with trends being so influencing. “I don’t want to be a basic person, I wanna be myself. Just as simple as that.” 

Throughout the years trends disappear and then randomly reappear. Students refer to it as coming back in style which recently has been happening frequently. 

“I feel like the shoes New Balances have come back in style recently. A lot of my friends have bought them which led me to buy them,” Young said. 

As students feel that trends are fun to participate in, they also believe they can make people change. A trend can do many things, from changing a person so they can fit in to helping one find something they have interest in. 

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