The Book’in Bronco: Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Ashdon Kice

The Percy Jackson series, written by Rick Riordan, started with it’s first book, The Lightning Thief. Through this book we meet the main characters and throughout the series get initially sucked in to the mythological world of Percy Jackson and The Olympians! Percy is just a sixth grader when going to a school for troubled students until he is attacked by monsters and sent to camp half-blood. Camp Half-Blood is for all greek demigods (part god and part human). The main problem of the book is introduced quickly which is the theft of Zeus’s master bolt. With an odyssey we learn of a friend of Percy’s, son of Hermes, Luke Castellan.  Turns out Luke is the thief and we learn of his actions to bring back Kronos the Titan. Throughout the next few books we meet Tyson a cyclops who is Percy’s brother. Other characters include Nico and Bianca Di Angelo, who are the son and daughter of Hades, Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus and many more demigods and greek mythological creatures. Each book brought a new addition to the world of Percy Jackson and its own villain leading up to the main villain Kronos. Every book adding danger and adventure making the reader want to keep reading until the very end. The Percy Jackson series stops at book five but the story continues in the next series The Heroes of Olympus. Percy and friends make more appearances in other series such as The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and finally in The Trials of Apollo. I would rate this book a five out of five stars for the relatable characters and a sense of humor that makes the series fun and enjoyable. The Percy Jackson Series is an adventure and mythological fiction series so I highly recommend it to people to enjoy that style of book.

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