College Scam Brought To Light


Logan Trask

It has been revealed that many university students have been handed their admissions to prestigious schools through bribes and misinforming, letting them pass through the process without conflict. While in most cases, the student wasn’t to blame, but rather their rich parents.

From television stars to fashion designers, many were involved in fraude to admit their children into major universities around the country. Full House star Lori Anne Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky, bribed admissions $500,000 over time to mark her daughter as a “crew-team” recruit.

This isn’t just a single event either, fraud and bribery for ivy league acceptance has happened in more than six states already. The offense could be enough to land most of them in jail, and this is already the case for Loughlin. Mr. and Mrs. Loughlin were arrested last week for the alleged fraud.

Many college coaches are being accused of taking these bribes and helping admitting these privileged children. The ones guilty also cheated the ACT and SAT systems, handing their schooling to their children without a second glance. Administrators of the test would provide the kids with the correct answers, and the students would even gloat about “acing” the test to other students. Though the kids have not been charged, their parents are accused of paying over six million dollars in bribe money.

According to USA Today, “In all, 50 people have been charged, including 31 parents from 26 wealthy families.” These kids may not be able to be charged, but they shouldn’t be allowed to hide from it. To fix this problem, major colleges should make sure there isn’t a hole in the system. Covering this hole will insure, at least for a while, that rich families cannot cheat their child’s way into college.