Results of the Nov. 5 Local Election

Results as reported by

Hannah Smith, Editor in Chief

Yesterday, Nov. 5, was Kansas’ odd year local election. Four Spring Hill Board of Education members were up for reelection. Brent Hoffman, board member, Nels Anderson, board member, and Doug Updike, president of the board, all ran unopposed and were reelected all with over 98 percent of the votes. However, Nicholas Hunt, vice president and the at large representative, was opposed by Ali Seeling and Scott Oberkrom. In the end, Seeling won with an unofficial final count of 64.57 percent. 

“I was a little bit surprised; I was surprised by the margin of victory,” said Hunt, “One of the things I knew going into this election was that there would be a strong social media impact on this election, so when I saw the results last night that just kind of verified the difference between the three of our campaigns…I think this is a good example of how effective social media can be. I think my opponent did a good job of getting out in front of the vote and getting people out to vote and I think congratulations are in order.

While Hunt will no longer be involved in any official capacity, he said he plans to continue to be involved in all the ways he can. 

“[My commitment will] look a little different without the title of board member versus involved parent and volunteer. But as far as my actual involvement, my plans are unchanged,” said Hunt. 

Seeling, upon realizing her unofficial victory, expressed her pride but not in herself.   

“This was such a collective effort by so many people across the whole district and the state. Like from our state representatives who I never knew. They reached out to me; I never have met these people before,” said Seeling. 

She spent the day quietly twisting her hands while attending a lunch with all the state legislators called an election day lunch. She later hosted a watch party at her home with close to 60 people, 30 of whom were students. 

Selling is a nurse and practice administrator at Spring Hill Family Medicine. After working in Spring Hill for a year and living in Olathe for years, Seeling moved her family a mile so that they would be in the school district.  

“I knew [when we moved] that it was important for me to be here. A year [after moving] I knew that I wanted to give back in every way possible that I could here,” said Seeling, “So the kids, you guys are my whole heart and I want to do everything I can to make sure that we continue to provide the best for you. Make the best decisions for you. Second to that is the teachers.”