Opinion: Play Time is Over

Hear About How Convid-19 is Effecting The Spring Play


The Theater Cast doing a zoom circle to celebrate the show on April 9. Due to COVID-19 their show A Midsummer Night’s Dream was canceled (photo by Z. Knust).

This fall I was a part of the crew for our musical Crazy for You and for that week that I was there I loved it so I decided to sign up audition for the spring play. I was really nervous because I didn’t think I was going to get a part. Then when I first walked into Bret Buffum, the play director’s, room and I saw everyone who was auditioning – my nervousness got worse. There were so many other talented people auditioning. But then I got a callback. After callbacks I my nervousness turned into excitement because I thought “maybe I have a shot at this.” Then I got a part and I was ecstatic and when rehearsals started I loved them. 

Theater gave me a place to be silly, wacky and just be myself and I really felt like I belonged in the theater community. I made some new friends people I probably wouldn’t have talked to otherwise. 

Then COVID-19 just started getting into Johnson County and my cast mates and I started getting worried that the play would be postponed or even canceled. We just kept powering through and working hard on trying to bring the show to life. However, when Laura Kelly, Kansas Gov., announced that all schools in the state of Kansas will be closed for the rest of the school year we knew there was no hope of performing.

 Buffum started sending out update videos on the play and it was reassuring because at that time the school wasn’t sending out information about this. When Buffum finally announced we wouldn’t be doing our play and it was completely canceled I was very sad. Buffum is still sending out updates on how we will go about doing theater traditions. We will be doing a theater circle over zoom on April, 9. 

The theater community has been really supportive to anyone that is having trouble at this time and it is very helpful. If I ever need help with anything I know that my friends in theater are there for me and for anyone else who needs it.