Missing Woman Found After Two Weeks


Holly Courtier went missing in Zion National Park two weeks ago. Although she had very little food and water, she managed to survive and was recently found (photo courtesy AP News).

Aubrianna Shetlar, Staff Writer

On Oct. 6, Holly Courtier went missing for nearly two weeks in Zion National Park with no food and little water. When she was found on Oct. 18, her sister said she looked malnourished and hadn’t had any food. Courtier’s family first knew she went missing when she missed her scheduled bus pick-up time to leave the park. Her sister said after days of searching the whole park she had nearly given up hope until they got a call saying someone had seen Holly in the park. She was reunited with her family, and is now recovering.

Even though it must have been difficult, Courtier’s sister didn’t give up on searching for her until she was found. It would have taken days for them to find her without the call due to the sheer size of the park. The park is over 230 square miles, and is always crowded with visitors.

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