Review: Enola Holmes, a New Tune to an Old Story


Enola Holmes, standing in front of her two older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft. Enola Holmes is a new Netflix Original Film starring Milly Bobby Brown as Enola, the main character (photo courtesy AP News).

Mallory Putnam, Staff Writer

Enola Holmes is a new Netflix original movie; Netflix originals always have high expectations, and this movie really came through. Despite being another spin-off of Sherlock Holmes, this movie is not a carbon copy like the rest. While it still highlights the same plot, Enola Holmes has a modernized step to it. Millie Bobby Brown, who some may know as Eleven from Stranger Things, takes on the role of Enola. She is Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ rebellious teen sister, a gifted 15-year-old  investigator in search of her missing mother. 

Since Enola is the main lead, she takes the movie onto her shoulders which gives a sense of independence, equality, and freedom. The best part of the movie is when Enola calls out her older brothers by accurately telling them that they don’t wish to change the world because the world suits them as is. It does come to a point where I thought it was all too convenient that Enola was solving all of the mysteries by herself, making the climax less interesting. Apart from that, the rest of the film has a good pace, getting to discover this character while she unravels the mysteries in her own playful manner. Although the concept can get tiresome, this movie is a refreshing by-product of the original Sherlock Holmes.