Biden Begins Plans to Slow Global Warming


President Joe Biden has used his first week in the White House to both undo the actions of his predecessor and get the ball rolling on new legislation that will significantly impact the country (photo courtesy AP News).

Lily Haney, Staff Writer

President Biden is attempting to cut oil, gas, and coal emission and double energy production using wind turbines. This could provide millions of acres for wildlife to grow. By 2035, Biden plans to have zero carbon dioxide pollution in the power sector. He is aiming to slow human-caused global warming. Donald Trump did the opposite of what Biden plans to accomplish.

Biden had already stopped thousands of oil and gas jobs. On his first day in office, he stopped the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Biden is taking big steps to slow global warming all that we can. Slowing global warming will make the world a healthier place, which benefits everyone and everything that lives here.

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