Biden Announces Plans to Increase Gun Regulation


After 18 people died in a shooting at a supermarket in Colorado, President Biden announced plans to tighten gun laws (photo courtesy AP News).

Annabelle Davis, Staff Writer

As a result of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colo. at a supermarket that left 10 people dead, President Biden has come forward and said he plans to strengthen federal gun laws. The suspected perpetrator of the shooting has a previous history of issues with guns in public areas, including assaulting a high school classmate.

If gun laws are tightened, the amount of mass shootings could be greatly limited. For instance, there might be background checks to see if someone is eligible to carry a firearm. Another option to limiting these actions would include banning certain assault weapons. Although, it is proven that many Republicans are against these precautions. Only time will tell how stricter measures will pass in Congress.