Choosing a Class Candidate


Making the right choice isn’t super easy, but it needs to be done so you are left with a good candidate (graphic by L. Haney).

When it comes to school elections, I get confused on who to vote for. There’s a lot of different types of people running. There’s the “popular” crowd, the people that run as a joke, and the people who actually want to make a difference. I think people need to take a closer look at their candidates before choosing who to vote for.

For my class candidates, I think it’s easy to see what category people fall under. However, when I walk into a classroom I hear people saying who they think will win or who they will vote for and it’s kinda crazy to me.

I want a class rep who is going to actually live up to what they say, not someone who just says things to get elected then doesn’t fulfill their promises. I want a class rep who will do things to get our class ready and excited for pep rallies. I want a class rep who is going to represent.

I know school elections aren’t the world’s most important issue. They definitely still matter, though, which is why we shouldn’t just automatically vote for our best friend or the “joke” candidate because it’s funny. We need to actually listen to their speeches and see if what they want is what we want. We also need to make sure they aren’t making outrageous promises that can’t be fulfilled.

Experience, friendliness, creativeness, and dedication are all factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a class representative. I’m going to vote for someone that has the qualities of a good leader and I encourage you to do the same.