Tropical Storm Makes Landfall in Florida


As many states suffer from flooding or heavy rainfall, another tropical storm drops upon Florida (Photo Courtesy AP News).

Emily Lickteig, Staff Writer

On the evening of Sept. 8, the storm, Mindy,  increased into a tropical storm. The storm later took landfall over the Florida panhandle, and wind speeds strengthened up to 45 mph. Mindy could cause up to six inches of rainfall not only in Florida, but in parts of Georgia and South Carolina as well. The tropical storm warning has stretched from Mexico Beach all the way to the Steinhatchee River.

This tropical storm warnings are only 300 miles from southern Louisiana, which is where the location of Hurricane Ida was just last month. Louisiana has not yet recovered from the hurricane, which was a category 4 storm. Mindy could make the aftermath of Ida way worse, which would make the recovery time longer for Louisiana residents.