New Classes Offered


With the addition of new History Through Film classes, students are watching different films under separate categories (Photo by R. McDaniel).

This year there are six new history classes to choose from and one new gym class. 

Curtis Allen, social studies department head, teaches four of the six history classes. These include History thru Film: Sci Fi Films as Social Commentary, History Thru Film: Race Relations, History Thru Film: History of Organized Crime in America, and History Thru Film: America at War. These classes give a more in depth understanding of certain topics. 

“One of the best things to have is the general knowledge of American history. You might want to have a general background knowledge of the different decades and what was happening, because it will give you a better understanding of the films, or the topics that are being studied,” Allen said. 

Women in American history is another new social studies class, taught by Paige Husa.

“From my understanding, the women in American history is just going to offer a different perspective. You might gloss over some of those ideas of women’s contribution to history, but these are going to go a lot more in depth,” Allen said. 

The last new history class, Wars in American history, is taught by Alex Winkler; it focuses on the conflict throughout American history. 

“There is a lot more to American history than just the conflicts that we were involved in, he’s going to focus mainly on the conflicts though. So it’s just a more micro focus on these events rather than a bigger picture,” said Allen.

The one new gym class is low impact fitness. Coach Jamie Oshel teaches this class for students who want to stay active in a more relaxing way. 

“Low impact fitness is a class that offers everyday movement without having to change out every day. We get our heart rate up every day, we can still catch up on our day, and work on some of our mental health while also moving our bodies,” Oshel said.