Who Are Our Staff?

I did not know the psychologist existed nor have I known that the speech pathologist did either. I knew the social worker existed as well as the counselors, but I was unaware of the magnitude of staff who support students with their mental health at the high school. 

I was enrolled in speech classes in elementary school, as I have a speech impediment. I didn’t know we had a speech pathologist nor do the majority of the high school population. I feel like for students to understand that these people are offered as tools for success, they should be more broadly advertised. While I’m not entirely sure what that would look like, these teachers should undoubtedly be recognized for which students could have this understanding.  

Often while walking through the halls, I see staff members who I never realized worked at the high school. Why don’t we know our staff?

Why aren’t our staff put on show and paraded around a little bit? I feel like sports are paraded around, so why don’t we recognize the amazing work the staff constantly does for students? 

We are the reason they got into the occupation, so I feel as if they deserve way more recognition and respect that we have to offer. These staff deserve as much as we can give them. 

I feel like, as a whole, the student body should be way more supportive and kind to the teachers and staff that work here. So many of our staff go above and beyond every day. Circumstances unknown to us happen in their lives and yet they still show up for us. Staff tell us to have a good day, a good weekend. They compliment our outfits and new hair color. They wish us luck for a game or an activity. We don’t give our school staff as much appreciation as they deserve. A week out of every year