Staff Brought to Light


Students and parents alike see the work teachers do to support their students. While this is the case, core and elective teachers are not the only faculty members who work at the high school or work with students. There are so many other teachers that help ensure the success of all students. While not every student has interactions with them, these faculty members are a huge part of keeping the high school running smoothly. 

Steve Kohn, head custodian, is just one of these faculty members who keeps the school running smoothly. Kohn works to keep everything clean, but that is not the only job of the custodial staff. Custodians also set up the gym for assemblies, graduation ceremonies, and other large school events. 

“I don’t think people realize what we do. They think it’s just cleaning bathrooms and stuff, but it’s more to it than just that,” said Kohn.

Lunch is such a crucial part of the school day, and this is the job that Glenda Johnston, nutrition services coordinator, works on running smoothly. Johnston has been working in school nutrition for 32 years. Johnston works to get all of the food paid for, as well as hiring new members of the kitchen staff. Johnston is truly passionate about school nutrition and working with the students. 

“[Meal staff] really do care about the kids. They’re not just throwing food together. They really do care about the kids and want to see them get healthy meals,” Johnston added. 

Tayler McCaskey, paraprofessional, is just one of many paras that help to ensure the success of all students at the high school. McCaskey goes to classrooms to assist the students who benefit from support in their learning. Paras not only help them learn and understand the content better, but they take those classes with the students. When assisting students in this way, it makes an immaculate difference for them. 

“Being able to have a good relationship with the kids and help them understand [while] still having that comfort [in the classroom] is something I love,” McCaskey said.


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