U.S. Military hopes to Address Mental Health


Dionne Williamson grooms her horse before going on her riding lesson (photo courtesy AP News).

Weston Whipkey, Senior Ads, Gallery Manager

Dionne Williamson, a Navy lieutenant commander, returned from a tour in Afghanistan in 2013 noting that she had felt mentally dumb. Following more years overseas, she felt worse. She went to her captain and asked for help. After a month-long hospitalization and mental therapy Williamson reflected, “It’s a wonder how I made it through.”

In response to spiraling mental disorders and suicide following military careers, the U.S. military plans to implement mental support systems for military members. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the creation of an independent committee to review the military’s mental support systems. Williamson, along with superiors of the U.S. military, are working to create new forms of therapy to lower the rise of suicide rates.