New Genetic Research Shows Similarities Between Human, Animals


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Weston Whipkey, Senior Ads, Galleries Manager

A new research study from the Zoonomia Project, an international effort to study the human biological nature, has revealed how humanity has adapted to modern times and the similarities to animals. David O’Connor, a biologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said “it’s just the wonder of biology, how we are so similar and dissimilar to all the things around us.”

One Zoonomia Project study showed that at least 10% of the human genome is mostly unchanged across the human species. One common trait that has shown to be similar between humans and animals is the ability to adapt over a long period of time, especially in the modern age. Elinor Karlsson, a leader of the Zoonomia team said that “one of the really cool things about mammals is that at this point in time, they’ve basically adapted to survive in nearly every single ecosystem on Earth.” The Zoonomia team and its supporters project even more discoveries to come in the future. O’Conner added that “to have these tools and to have the sort of audacity to ask these big questions” helps researchers and biologists “learn more about the life around us.”

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