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Inexperienced Integrated Science

A review of the new class set up
Maura Fuqua, 10, logging onto their integrated science online classroom. They are about to start on an assignment. (K. Tran)

This school year I am taking a class that makes me feel like I’m being homeschooled all over again. The class has definitely been hard to get used to especially with two new teachers and in a different science classroom. While not everyone who has this class might agree, I think this class is not beneficial to my learning.

The system they use is completely online. It had been difficult for Fuqua to maneuver. (M. Fuqua)

There is a different teacher nearly every class period. Marla Stewart, facilitator, is there throughout the day for the students in her class, but the lecturer is on a screen. At the beginning of class, we immediately get logged on and start bellwork. This class is new for everyone including the teachers and staff, so it can be hard for us to really know how to work it all out and do everything perfectly. And when there’s a substitute, it can be like the first day all over again. This makes it very difficult to stay on track and get everything done.

It has been a pretty big adjustment. I have had trouble understanding, learning, and logging in. Our class time can sometimes slip away with just technical difficulties. I have a hard time with this because then, the next day, we are rushing ourselves to get everything done. This can be very pressuring because I worry about getting everything done. It’s not as easy to go in and ask the teacher for help. It’s hard to hear the teacher’s audio, so asking for help in class can be really challenging.

The high school teachers have been really helpful assisting us with our needs for this class.  While a lot of this class can seem negative, we usually end up working out all the kinks. I was really worried about grades when starting this class, and I thought that there was no way I would pass in this class, especially when science isn’t my best subject anyway. This semester has started off pretty rough, but in the long run I hope it will pay off.

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Maura Fuqua, Staff Writer
Hi! I’m Maura Fuqua and this is my first year in SPUB. I took Journalism last year, and I’m excited to write some more. I have moved around a lot so I have never gotten a chance to stay and help in the yearbook/SPUB. I’m so excited to write and take photos. I have always loved to write and I can go on forever. If you want a photo I probably have it. I am also a dancer on the Dance Team, andI have been dancing for 12 years now. Journalism matters to me because it brings attention to things you might not know. If we didn’t have journalism a lot would go unnoticed. Anyways I’m so excited to be apart of SPUB family and look forward to this year.

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