Catching Up With the Chiefs

Ashdon Kice

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Our Kansas City Chiefs are doing great for the start of this season with no losses to date. The Chiefs started the season with some new players who are quickly becoming fan favorites. Tyreek Hill, wide receiver, and Patrick Mahomes II, quarterback, are the two most mentioned names now. Hill is number 10 and has been nicknamed Cheetah. So far he has 2,201 receiving yards through the past three years and 363 rushing yards. Mahomes, number 15, has 134 completed passes and three overall fumbles over the last two years. With these and other great players it’s no wonder why the chiefs have gone undefeated this far into the season. The Kansas City Chiefs started the season against the Los Angeles Chargers. Chiefs started good the first quarter with fourteen points against the Chargers’ six points, then leading into second KC earned three more points with LA close behind earning another six points. During second half the chiefs pulled out earning another 21 points and the Chargers earned sixteen more points ending with a Chiefs winning score of 38 to 28. The second week game was against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Our Chiefs started strong the first quarter earning 21 points but the Steelers tied up by half time. The second half went with equal action with fourteen points to the Chiefs and seven to the Steelers third quarter and finally seven points to the chiefs and nine points to the Steelers. Final score was 42 to 37, Chiefs win again. The next game, week three, was against the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs started strong first half with a 35 point lead with 49ers falling back with ten points. Second half had a stronger 49ers push earning seventeen points with the Chiefs earning three more. Final scoring went 38 to 27 with another Chief’s victory. The fourth week went with a close call against the Denver Broncos. First half was close but by second half we pulled through earning 27 points against the Broncos 23. The latest game, week five, was against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Similar to past games the Chiefs started strong earning 20 points in the first half and holding the Jaguars to nothing till half time. During the second half our defence relaxed allowing the Jaguars to earn 14 points but our offense held strong earning another ten points. The final score of the game was 30 to 14. Chiefs with their latest victory, may they hold strong all the way to the super bowl. You can see the Kansas City Chiefs in their next game on Oct. 14 against the New England Patriots.

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