If Oxford Can Do It, So Can I


Me as I edit my column at 11 pm (and lets be honest also wait for the camera timer to count down), so that its not late (Photo by HSmith).

Hannah Smith, Editor in Chief

I can still remember being in elementary school and having the counselor, at the time, talk to us about goals and how they had to follow all of these criteria. And while I appreciate those people for what they were trying to do, I disagree with it. They made goals feel like this very ridged part of life. I believe that a person’s life is constantly moving and changing; you don’t know what is in front of you all you can do is roll with the punches you see coming. Yet, when the unforeseen punches come (and they will) you have to regroup and that’s okay.
I completely understand why it’s good to have goals with deadlines because it’s so easy to choose the path of least resistance. To throw up your hands and say “whatever”. It’s in those moments that I try my very best (and trust me it doesn’t always happen) to revaluate my goals and to occasionally cry.
The world, and I, in particular, can get so obsessed with when the perfect time to change is that you never actually start. The beauty of life is that there is no perfect time. Oxford is one of the best schools in the world, and they start their semesters on Saturdays. It might not be the best time of the week or the time that you think they “should” start, but it’s the time they start, and there is not a thing in the world anyone can do about it. People have very little control of your elements, but they do get to make their own choices and change them when you need to, so do. Change not because it’s the right time for others, but because it’s the right time for you.

So you might be wondering why in the world is Hannah talking about this? Every six(ish) weeks the online and the yearbook change staffs, and this was my first week with my new staff. I’m so excited to pursue new goals with them and for you all to get to see their stories; it is going to be great!

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