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Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is an issue that is taking over our country. Suicide was the third leading cause of death for high schoolers in 2021 (CDC, 2023).  Even in the past year, I’ve known of two students who were lost due to suicide in surrounding schools. Cohen (2023) states that almost 20% of high schoolers have had suicidal thoughts, and 9% have attempted to take their own lives. These are absolutely terrifying statistics. Many believe that the skyrocketing rates are due to social media. Personally, I am on social media, like most of my peers. I can tell you that it takes a very strong character to not compare myself and my life to others. Social media can be a positive space, but a majority of it is negative. 

Another thing that some believe affected teenagers’ mental health was the COVID- 19 pandemic. As one of the teens who was kept inside with no socialization, I believe this had a huge impact on my mental health; I didn’t realize it then, but others around me did. I became quiet and introverted, and for a long period of time I didn’t leave the house, even after the pandemic  had somewhat dissipated. I know now that I was not the only one who was dealing with declining mental health.

October 10, 2023 is World Mental Health Day. This day is bringing awareness to the millions around the world suffering with mental illness, and who we have lost due to it. We should take time out of our day to pray or give good thoughts to the families who have lost loved ones. Most importantly, we should check up on our friends. If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, the national suicide hotline number is 988.

Additional Mental Health Help Resources:

SAMSHA’s National Helpline

Mental Health First Aid

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