Opinion: Senior Season – Game Over


Before school was cancelled, all the soccer seniors posed for a picture together before taking individuals for senior banners. We were all ready for the season to get rolling; little did we know it all was about to end before it started (Photo submitted by G. Cowden).

Gracey Cowden, Staff Writer

As our first week of online school comes to an end, so would spring athletes’ second week of games if the season was still happening. When it was announced that school was cancelled for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, that included all sports and extracurriculars. Senior athletes had no idea that leaving practice that Friday would be their last time ever walking off that field, including me. 

I was a senior this year ready for my final soccer season to start, and just like every other senior I wanted the glory of playing our last year. Senior banners, senior night, and the leadership role you automatically gain are things we will all miss. Not every senior gets the official title of “captain,” but every one of us is looked up to because of the years of experience we bring. We spent years being the ones who kept quiet and listened to our upperclassmen thinking we would have our year. 

When I first heard the news that I wouldn’t be playing this season, I was so distraught. I am going to be straight-up and honest, I couldn’t hold back my emotions and started bawling right there. I have worked so hard the past three years to just have my last chance at playing the sport I loved stripped from me just like that. I couldn’t believe it for the longest time;, I haven’t even had the heart to unpack my soccer bag yet. I will miss simple things like running through the high five line after a game, halftime pep talks by the coaches, the strange conversations that happen on the bench, and having your name announced as you step onto the field. 

I know all the other spring athletes are upset about the season being cancelled, but they still have next year to play. Seniors will forever remember their hardest high school season, and that’s this one: the one that never happened.